What Are the Best Blinds in Raleigh to Block the Light?
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4 Best Blinds to Block the Light

Having a house full of natural light is delightful. But it can also make areas appear hotter and cause trouble with activities, like watching TV.

Getting custom blinds is a low-cost approach to have additional control over sunlight. When you collaborate with a pro design consultant, like one from Louver Shop of Raleigh, your residence can look just like you envision it. We’ll assist you throughout the process. From selecting styles and stains during your free consultation to professional installation.

Here are some of the best blinds in Raleigh to block the light.

Plantation Blinds

Plantation blinds have wide strips, like plantation shutters. They’re a great way to obtain the style of shutters on a budget.

These blinds fit for little windows, since they’re typically controlled by cords. If you want a corded system, ask your designer about de-Light™. This upgrade minimizes gaps and seams where sunshine can seep through.

Want to use plantation blinds on wide windows? Moving them is effortless with PowerView®. This cutting-edge upgrade elevates, drops, opens and closes your blinds with a program on your smartphone.

Plantation blinds can be customized in real wood or faux wood, as well as a wide variety of colors and finishes. Faux wood is an outstanding selection for spaces with a lot of humidity or moisture, for instance a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room.

Plantation Shutters

When you envision blinds, you may not instantly think of plantation shutters. But shutters offer a similar style—with excellent sunlight control and exceptional energy savings. They can be installed on windows of all sizes around your residence and are nearly effortless to open utilizing a tilt bar.

At Louver Shop of Raleigh, we custom produce all our shutters in the USA to ensure a seamless fit with your individual windows. Not only does a great fit make your shutters look great, it also helps enhance light management and energy efficiency.

We provide a selection of louver sizes, materials and paints so you can customize the right shutters for your house in Raleigh.

Panel Track Blinds

For modern houses, there are panel track blinds.

With a range of opacities to select from, you can customize how much natural light your blinds will soften while drawn. With over 600 colors and prints to choose from, you’re sure to come across a style that will complement your rooms.

While these blinds are suitable for larger windows, they can be used to make an impact on smaller ones too. Whichever size window you use them on, the panels gather nicely together when moved to let in more light.

Vertical Blinds

For traditional Raleigh residences with tall windows, consider vertical blinds. Modernized styles are a long way from the white aluminum vanes you could connect with this window treatment.

Cadence® soft vertical blinds come with curved vanes that look like curtains. But these vanes don’t merely look good. They block more outdoor hubbub so you can enjoy your space in quiet. And a patented headrail keeps them together to lower the chance of light leaks.

Like other Hunter Douglas solutions, these blinds can be customized in a big array of popular colors and textures.

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